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Home / Training / Youth & Family Sailing / Cadet Week
Home / Training / Youth & Family Sailing / Cadet Week

Cadet Week

SBSC hopes you have continued to remain safe & well during the Covid19 lockdown and we will be able to return some kind of normal by the Summer of 2021

We are planning to run Cadet week this year: 

                                                       August 2nd - August 6th 2021

                                           PRESENTATION / LUNCH SATURDAY 7th AUGUST 

The Cadet Week booking forms & prices have not been set yet, there has been lots of discussion surrounding a possible 2nd week in case Covid19 restrictions apply in very much the same way as they did last year 2020.  We may need to reduce group sizes and accommodate splitting the groups - If this happens, we will move Novice & Bronze to this week.                                      

                                                   Provisional 17th August - 20th August 

                                       PRESENTATION / LUNCH SATURDAY 21ST  AUGUST

                    NO SEA GROUPS RUNNING DURING THIS WEEK - replaced with a Competitive Lake race group 

Booking is Now OPEN -

          Please remember you need to be a SBSC member to attend Cadet Week.

          Please indicate if you would be interested in the 2nd provisional week if Covid19 restrictions are in place.

 Novice AM & PM: (6yrs -10yrs: No sailing experience needed)

 Senior Novice: (10yrs -16yrs: No sailing experience needed)

 Bronze AM & PM: (example: able to sail a triangle)

 Silver: (example: able to sail upwind and downwind, know how to rig an Oppie and/or Topper, capsize and recover)

 Gold: (example: some understanding of race controls & boat tuning, able to sail in most conditions, understanding of wind direction)

Diamond: Hybrid Gold/Sea group; meaning if the weather is good, they could sail on the sea but if wind to strong move to the Lake (example: an experience of regular sailing & racing, able to right a Topper in most conditions, water confident, understand race controls & boat tuning but need more confidence on the Sea)

Sea Topper Race group: (example: an experience of regular sailing, some experience of racing, able to right a Topper in most conditions, water confident, understand race controls & boat tuning)

Sea group/ New to the Sea: Double handers (example: 12yrs - 16yrs been sailing in Silver group previously but now too big for a Topper, want to think about becoming a future instructor and need double hander experience, already crew in a double hander and want to hone helming skills OR enjoy sailing and want company when racing)

Please note Diamond & Sea Groups are tide dependant and usually run an hour later every day

Senior Novice will probably be in the morning-tbc

Silver will probably be in the morning-tbc

Gold will probably be in the afternoon-tbc

AM =09:30 -12:30

PM =13:30 -16:30

If boat hire is needed please indicate this in any return email stating if boat required is an Oppie or Topper (Novice & double handers are NOT charged for boat hire). Please note that all groups will accommodate Oppies & Toppers in the same fleet.

Please consider which group you request for your child, many repeat groups to gain experience and confidence.

If they are of a lightweight who struggles to right their boat after a capsize in moderate winds or whom are young and although skill-wise are not out of place in the next group up, would grow in confidence and enjoy cadet week repeating the same group.

 Advice can be sought from our Instructors if needed, there is some flexibility to move children in the weeks leading up to Cadet week.

 As soon as I have the pricing and booking forms I will let you know how to book ASAP.

 Please keep communicating with me -as I will with you, as the Covid19 restrictions change and Update.

Thank you for being patient.

Very Best Wishes,


Contact: 07579 762101

NEW email:


Last updated 11:41am on 26 January 2021

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