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Home / On the Water / Model Yacht Racing / SBSC Model Yacht Racing (SBMYC) Mentoring
Home / On the Water / Model Yacht Racing / SBSC Model Yacht Racing (SBMYC) Mentoring

SBSC Model Yacht Racing (SBMYC) Mentoring


We want to help you to enjoy model yachting from the start and are fully aware of the difficulties of understanding the boat, all its parts and the radio not to mention complex racing rules. One of our members can become your mentor or buddy to guide you through the initial stages of becoming a proficient model yacht sailor. If you feel that having a mentor will benefit you, one of our members will arrange to provide three sessions of boat tuning/set up prior to racing on Fridays, this applies to both IOMs & DF95s. 

We know (from experience) how important boat set up is; having your boat set to its optimum performance will make your sailing easier and ease some of the frustrations. 

Our mentoring sessions are hands on and will be useful to anyone new, returning or getting frustrated with their boat. So if you feel this would be of benefit to you please contact one of the team to be in touch

We are really proud that our friendly hands on members, who are experienced sailors, are willing to offer help and are always at hand during our sailing days whenever this does not detract from their own sailing. 

Aside from this, there is always someone on hand to help if you dont understand, as the club believes in the maxim:

                                                                                                                        No Question is a Silly One.

Novice Sailors Handicap System

Snettisham Beach Model Yacht Section operates a two tier novice system - designed to help those with no experience of radio controlled crafts and those new to sailing.

Depending on your ability when you join the club, we offer coloured streamers that are attached to the mast head crane to identify you and your level of experience. The colour of streamer is based on ability/experience and provides you with dispensations and allowances, as you get to grips with our sport.

Level 1

New to radio controlled craft and with no sailing experience.

Red Streamer - you are allowed:

  • 1 minute head start 
  • No sailing rules apply,
  • No penalty turns to be taken


2 Observances you must:

  • Avoid collisions at all times
  • If hailed (sailor speak for shouted at) acknowledge and sail a straight course

Level 2

Has basic sailing experience, but new to model yachting

Black Streamer - you are allowed:

  • 30 second head start
  • No penalty turns to be taken,
  • Basic sailing rules apply;
  • Port and Starboard (with the exception of a downwind leg when experienced sailors keep clear).

Do not tack in front of an oncoming boat.


 2 Observances- you must:

  • Avoid collisions at all times
  • If hailed, acknowledge and sail a straight course


The novice system finishes:

  • Starting at Level 1:- after 6 months membership or 3 wins
  • Starting at Level 2:- after 3 months membership or 3 wins
  • You join the main fleet and start with the other competitors.

Notes for the fleet - Experienced sailors:

  • Give novices as much space as possible at all times
  • In close quarters take extra care, regardless of who has right of way.
  • Explain (dont shout)  to the novice what happened/is happening to help to both parties avoid an incident,
  • If that is not possible then spare a few minutes after racing to give a quick explanation, please do not request a penalty turn from a Novice.
  • If an experienced skipper does their best to mitigate an incident with the novice and a foul is still committed then if the experienced skipper is right of way boat they do not have to take a penalty.

Entry in the list of SBSC Membership categories:


  • 2023 entry Model Yacht Sailor £60 - For those wishing to use the lake to sail model boats. Children must be supervised by an adult (18+ years)

  • Proposed for 2024 Model Yacht Sailor £60 - For those (over 16yrs.) wishing to use the lake to sail model yachts. (Please note £10 MYA subscription required by all adult model yacht sailors will be collected separately) N.B. All other SBSC members pay £10 MYA subscription only.


Last updated 10:36am on 26 February 2024

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