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Home / Club Rules & Policies / Social Media Policy
Home / Club Rules & Policies / Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy




The following policy, rules and guidelines apply to all users of Snettisham Beach Sailing Club (SBSC) social media. While the activities of the Club are recreational in nature, there is a responsibility on both the Club and its members to ensure social media services are used in an appropriate and controlled manner. 


Although it is not the policy of SBSC to monitor social media services, SBSC reserves the right, but not the duty, to monitor social media for the purposes of ensuring adherence to this policy. Club members involved in the monitoring of social media are obliged to keep all details of the monitoring process confidential. 

SBSC is responsible for the following

The management and administration of all official SBSC social media services. This includes for example (but is not limited to) the Club website, Facebook, Twitter and official WhatsApp groups used by the club. 

Ensuring administrator level access to social media services is managed appropriately to ensure effective management. 

Informing all users of SBSCs social media services of this Social Media Policy. 

Designate and train official Club social media administrators in proper practices to ensure the continued operation, security and maintenance of the Club's official social media services. 

SBSC reserves the right to withdraw access to its official social media services where due care is not taken regarding the use of such services and / or systems by users. This may also result in the user(s) being subject to disciplinary action by the Club. 

SBSC is obliged to keep abreast of any legal or legislative changes made in relation to the usage of social media and will modify its Social Media Policy as appropriate.

SBSC reserves the right to restrict the sending and receiving of certain types of files and / or file attachments using social media. This is to ensure that SBSC is not in breach of any copyright laws, protects staff and members from content that is unlawful, indecent or immoral. 

Member Guidance on the Use of Online Social Media 

Whenever using the official online social media services relating to SBSC, members' attention is drawn to the following usage guidelines: 

Use of official SBSC social media services is bound by this policy. 

You are responsible for your actions and activities on social media. Any activities you undertake that could have a negative impact on SBSC, its members, employees or third parties will ultimately be your responsibility and may be subject to withdrawal of access to social media services and / or disciplinary action by the Club.

Users using official SBSC social media services will not use profane, abusive, derogatory or obscene remarks in any communications about fellow members, club employees or members of the public. 

Users will not store or send fraudulent, harassing, embarrassing, indecent, profane, obscene, pornographic, intimidating or other unlawful material on official SBSC social media. 

All users shall use common sense whenever posting material onto social media. It is important that any material posted is not inflammatory, biased against any minority, sexist, breaches copyright, or in any way could be deemed to be offensive.

All users of official SBSC social media services shall not publish any views or opinions on behalf of SBSC, unless they are in a role which has explicit authority to do so. 

Users will not attempt to disable or circumvent any security controls or procedures implemented by the administrators of the Clubs official of social media services. 

Remember never to disclose confidential information related to SBSC, its members, employees or third parties through social media. 

If you come across negative posts on social media regarding SBSC do not respond to them. Instead alert the administrator of your service or any member of the Club's committee to the issue and an appropriate response from SBSC will then be made. 

Be mindful that when using social media you are in a public environment and you should exercise caution when mixing your business and personal activities. Information posted on the Internet and to social media is permanent and can be copied and / or forwarded to others outside of your control.

Before engaging with individuals, you should, if possible, verify the authenticity of their online persona. Even then you should remain cautious about divulging or discussing any sensitive information on public forums. 

Should, through your association with SBSC, 3rd parties contact you regarding any queries regarding SBSC you should politely decline to deal with them and direct them to the official communication channels of the Club. 

Last updated 10:50am on 14 November 2023

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