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Assistant Instructor Course


Are thinking of becoming a sailing instructor?

The RYA has set out a hierarchy of levels to help sailors to become instructors. You are eligible to become an RYA dinghy instructor at 16, however to pass the course first time successfully it requires a large degree of sailing knowledge and experience dealing with students in a learning environment. As a result the RYA have the Assistant Instructor Qualification which acts as a stepping stone and allows sailors to gain teaching experience under thesupervision of a instructor. The pre-requisite for this course is to hold one of the RYA Advanced Modules. This is a fantastic way of boosting your knowledge, experience and most importantly your confidence. After completing your Assistant Instructor Qualification and gaining plenty of work experience you will be in a great position to take your full instructor qualification and you will find the training and assessment far easier and the chance of passing will increase greatly.

At SBSC we are keen to encourage both adults and junior sailors to train as Assistant Instructors so the course is heavily subsidised by the club and those who pass will be required to volunteer for a number of teaching hours. This will looks great on a CV and will also qualify for the service part for D of E. Also teaching will help develop your communication skills, your confidence and at times your patience! 

Assistant Instructors who took course in 2010


Instructing will open your eyes to a whole new side of sailing that most of your will not have experienced before and you will finding it extremely rewarding. "I cannot recommend it enough it has allowed me to spend my last 4 summers on the water while being paid to be there!" says Senior Instructor Loz.

The pre requisites for the course are that you are that you can sail confidently around a triangular course safely and confidently in all conditions. You also need to hold a certificate in one of the RYA Advanced Modules. You do not have to be the best racer or even interested in racing. Technique as a sailor, common sense and the ability to communicate effectively are more important skills as instructors than how quickly you can sail.

Assistant Instructor training is a combination of a taught course and then 'on the job training' working alongside our Chief Instructor, the aims of the assistant instructor course are to train participants to a level at which they can competently and safely assist a RYA dinghy instructor under the supervision of the Senior Instructor.

The majority of the sessions will be spent afloat and the focus will be on practical learning and role-playing and is always a really fun day.  The training is related directly to the work undertaken at the Snettisham Beach Training Centre and the focus will be predominately on teaching beginners on the lake in toppers.

The 2017 training will start on Saturday 10th June (09:00-13:00) and the rest of the training is done on the job with groups.  Dates for the rest of your training can be agreed at the first session and are flexible throughout the summer.

Cost:  £50 includes Logbook and Logo’d Hoodie

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